Concert Hall.
With its spectacular design and unique acoustics, the Konzerthaus München is being created in the very heart of the city: in Munich’s Werksviertel, a creative, cool, innovative and multiple-award winning urban district. It is ideally located right next to the Ostbahnhof, Bavaria’s third-largest long-distance train station, right along the two main S-Bahn lines and the subway.


About 74,000 square meters


HVAC Engineering services


Under construction

Project Challenges

Konzerthaus München known to us as the KHM Project, being situated in Munich, Germany. This unique & specialised Concert Hall with its spectacular design and unique acoustics, the Konzerthaus München is being created in the very heart of the city. Our Clients’ presented a challenging opportunity to work on such a landmark site, delivering HVAC building services for this complex project. With the unique design of the building it has presented spatial challenges from the beginning, which we have found to be beneficial for extending our already creative & unique Digital/BIM workflows for our scope of work being HVAC Engineering Services.

Technology and Processes

Being a forward-thinking company our passion is to seek alignment with all forms of innovative ideas, assisting us to achieve our company-driven initiatives. The use of Autodesk technologies is a true alignment of like-minded entities that strive for excellence. Our use of cloud-based environments, along with innovative processes, leveraging our open mindset which allowed us to make significant challenges achievable from the project on-set.

Our internal workflows, leveraging from Digital-based geometrical & meta-data created content has allowed us to stay ahead of the design curve, especially in such a challenging project. Our successful implementation of Autodesk AEC, along with Digital/BIM creation & management, has permitted the development of a highly detailed and data driven output, which in turn has allowed our Client to manage the project’s design more efficiently. Our unique hybrid Cloud solution, leveraging Autodesk Construction Cloud in parallel our internal system has allowed us to be flexible & agile so that our reaction to design-related needs is maximized.


Proven Outcome

Our clear directive in the use of Digital/BIM workflows has allowed us to achieve a greater amount of early-stage coordination of the (7) primary HVAC Engineering disciplines. The Digital Transformation for this project was focused around Digital Coordination & Data Management. Our strong use of Autodesk Technologies allowed us to digitally communicate with all stakeholder in almost “real-time” allowing a much more productive form of coordination & communication. Our data management was controlled in our unique Construction Cloud, which allowed us to ensure data compliance across all sections of the project team.