Digital Construction


A few things we’re great at

Productivity and “fun while working”, these are the two main attributes of our teams.


We understand the needs of our customers.

This is the key for a successful cooperation…and the success of your project working with us.


Digital workflows are complex, especially when you are working with many teams and stakeholders. 

We help our customers to find the right way and assist them with our knowledge and experience.

3D Construction

This is what we mainly get our money for.

The 3D construction and nearly every needed calculation of wonderful, highly detailed, clash-free HVAC models.

We like BIM, as BIM as BIM can be.


“Power is nothing without control”, this is old, but true

We are monitoring our projects on a daily to weekly basis. 
By this strategy, we are always very close to the estimated project schedule and inside the predicted cost frame.